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Wellness Member



Additional benefits included!

                  PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP              

Office Space Membership

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Friendly Young Doctor
                 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               


                 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               

Full-time Student

or Resident

Senior Therapy
                 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               

Other licensed/certified practitioner

old couple
                 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               


                 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               

Non-clinical Health Professional

Shaking Hands
                 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               


Signing Check
                 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               

Donate any amount



✔ Advanced SEO to highlight your practice

✔ Referral logo indexed on our website

✔ Professional blog article on your practice

✔ Newsletter updates about your practice

✔ Early invitation to events

✔ Additional discount on medical office space

✔ Direct in-house patient referrals

Successful Work Team

Additional benefits included!

                  PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP               

Additional Benefits Package


Advanced SEO

Referral logo on website

Blog and newsletter article

Coupon advertisement

Premium Member Benefits

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming

Marketing and SEO

Premium members receive branding and SEO on behalf of their integrative medical practice on the NCIH website (over $100 value that increases each month).


Conference Discounts

Premium members receive discounted rates to book medical conferences and events at the NCIH facility (over a $1,000 value depending on the size of your event or exhibition).

Doctor's Desk

Office Space Discounts

If you are looking to boost your integrative medical practice in a professional and safe environment, premium members receive discounted rates on patient rooms and office space.

Name Tag

Premium Membership Badge

With a premium membership, you receive an online badge identifying yourself as a practitioner to our online community for to be able to network and participate in sharing your knowledge of integrative health to existing and future patients. 

Athletic WebDesign

We create your business its own page on the NCIH website, highlighting your practice and services for all of our patients to view specific to search engine optimization.  

Webpage to your Practice

Smiling medical team

Find a Provider Directory

Premium members receive a free listing in our provider directory where patients search for an integrative health care provider and colleague referrals. 

Volunteer Team

Volunteer Opportunities

NCIH volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects, committees, and gain resume-quality experience in integrative health events. 

Doctor and Patient

Career Center Job Posting

Looking for an integrative health and medicine provider to join your medical practice? NCIH members receive a complimentary posting (once a year) in our career center distribution network (over a $90 value).


Multiple opportunities exist for premium members to take leadership with NCIH as a partner in joint venture opportunities for increased networking and integrative health awareness.

Community Networking & Leadership

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