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Coronavirus: Integrative Medicine's Preventative Cure

With over 1,800 persons currently deceased in Italy from the coronavirus pandemic, it is no wonder illustrations representing "the David" depict him with a Romangular health mask as if he too is susceptible to the deadly virus or perhaps such statement was picturized to at least remind people to take precaution (seemingly the latter). Perhaps once upon a time that picture may not have been needed to inspire the question as to just how do we catch and spread a pandemic as deadly as coronavirus?

And more specifically, is there a way that integrative medicine could prevent such an outbreak?

The answer is absolutely.

The posed question is precisely the reason Integrative Medicine exists. Currently, according to Pharmaceutical Technology, "China witnessed more than 3,000 deaths and approximately 74% of the global coronavirus cases as of March 9th, which quickly came down to approximately 58% by March 13th as the number of cases in rest of the world surged and Europe became the new epicentre." The article continues to list countries such as Iran, South Korea, and Spain as countries affected by the deadly virus.

While the scientific evidence points us to the contamination of food and air-borne germicides passed around from bats, one must sit and ponder the chain of events that lead to a mass pandemic, and how integrative health offers a solution that breaks those chains of events from occurring in the smallest of ways.

The coronavirus's premise is correction while the premise of integrative health is prevention, taking the whole person into account rather than just the symptoms of a virus. Since connections exist in the neural pathways of our brain, the use of alternative medicines help stimulate areas with treatment that such neural pathways are not entirely used to. This helps bolster the person's immune system while sending out positive treatment to such neural networks of the brain that can influences others.

Sometimes, pathways in the human mind become clouded by negative influences that need that person's mind to not be proactive about their health by creating a deadly cloud of confusion. Sadly, these horrific"options" confuse the mind that make incidents like contaminated food or being around unclean animals more likely to happen.

Thus, the hope of integrative medicine starts with YOU: you're change and putting on the lense of prevention is the start to transforming your health and being as a person which, in the end, is the start, to making an influence all over the world.

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