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Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy: All the Characters, All the Moves, All the Fun

Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy Download: How to Play the Ultimate Version of MK3

If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat, you probably know that Mortal Kombat 3 (MK3) is one of the most popular and influential games in the series. But did you know that there is a fan-made mod that makes MK3 even better? It's called Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy (UMKT), and it adds more characters, stages, moves, fatalities, and features to the original game. In this article, we will show you how to download and install UMKT, as well as how to play it and enjoy its awesome content.

ultimate mortal kombat trilogy download

Download File:

What is Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy?

Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy is a mod for MK3 that was created by a group of fans led by a Russian programmer named Kabal_MK. It was first released in 2007, and has been updated several times since then. UMKT is based on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version of MK3, but it also incorporates elements from other versions, such as the arcade, SNES, PlayStation, Saturn, and PC versions.

A fan-made mod that adds more characters and features to MK3

The main attraction of UMKT is that it adds a lot of new content to MK3, especially in terms of characters. UMKT has a total of 57 playable characters, compared to only 23 in MK3. Some of these characters are from previous Mortal Kombat games, such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kitana, Mileena, Reptile, Shang Tsung, Goro, Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Motaro, and Noob Saibot. Some are from other versions of MK3, such as Rain, Ermac, Chameleon, Khameleon, Human Smoke, Classic Sub-Zero, Classic Jax, Classic Kano, Classic Raiden, Classic Liu Kang, Classic Kung Lao. And some are completely new or modified characters, such as Hydro (a blue cyborg ninja), Red Robin (a red female ninja), Nimbus Terrafaux (a fake character from an April Fools' joke), Hornbuckle (a green palette swap of Liu Kang), Blaze (a fire elemental), Skarlet (a blood-themed female ninja), Tremor (an earth-themed male ninja), Smoke (a gray palette swap of Scorpion), Cyber Smoke (a cyborg version of Smoke), Cyber Reptile (a cyborg version of Reptile), Cyber Noob Saibot (a cyborg version of Noob Saibot), Cyber Ermac (a cyborg version of Ermac), Cyber Rain (a cyborg version of Rain), Cyber Chameleon (a cyborg version of Chameleon), Cyber Khameleon (a cyborg version of Khameleon), Cyber Hydro (a cyborg version of Hydro), Cyber Skarlet (a cyborg version of Skarlet), Cyber Tremor (a cyborg version of Tremor), Cyber Hornbuckle (a cyborg version of Hornbuckle), Cyber Blaze (a cyborg version of Blaze), Cyber Shao Kahn (a cyborg version of Shao Kahn), Cyber Goro (a cyborg version of Goro), Cyber Kintaro (a cyborg version of Kintaro), Cyber Motaro (a cy borg version of Motaro), and Cyber Liu Kang (a cyborg version of Liu Kang).

But UMKT does not only add more characters, it also adds more features and options to MK3. For example, UMKT has more stages, such as the Pit III, the Subway, the Soul Chamber, the Balcony, the Bank, the Rooftop, the Bridge, the Street, the Graveyard, the Portal, the Armory, and the Hidden Portal. UMKT also has more fatalities, brutalities, animalities, babalities, friendships, and stage fatalities for each character. UMKT also has more game modes, such as Tournament Mode, Endurance Mode, Team Mode, Survival Mode, and Practice Mode. UMKT also has more settings and cheats, such as difficulty level, blood color, timer speed, damage level, hidden characters, boss characters, and secret codes.

The differences between UMK3 and UMKT

As you can see, UMKT is a very different game from UMK3. It has more content, more variety, more challenge, and more fun. However, it also has some drawbacks and limitations. For one thing, UMKT is not an official game from Midway or NetherRealm Studios. It is a fan-made mod that is not endorsed or supported by the original developers. Therefore, it may have some bugs, glitches, errors, or compatibility issues that are not present in UMK3. For another thing, UMKT is not a balanced game. Some characters are overpowered or underpowered compared to others. Some moves are too easy or too hard to execute. Some combos are too long or too short. Some fatalities are too gruesome or too silly. Some features are too useful or too useless. Therefore, UMKT may not be suitable for competitive or professional play.

The benefits of playing UMKT

Despite these drawbacks and limitations, UMKT is still a great game to play for Mortal Kombat fans. It offers a lot of benefits that UMK3 does not have. For example:

  • UMKT is more fun and exciting. It has more characters to choose from, more moves to perform, more fatalities to execute, and more modes to play. It also has more secrets to discover, more cheats to use, and more surprises to encounter.

  • UMKT is more creative and innovative. It shows the passion and talent of the fan community that created it. It also shows the potential and possibilities of modding and hacking games. It also shows the respect and appreciation for the original game and its developers.

  • UMKT is more educational and informative. It teaches the history and lore of Mortal Kombat and its characters. It also teaches the skills and techniques of playing Mortal Kombat and its mechanics. It also teaches the values and morals of Mortal Kombat and its themes.

Therefore, UMKT is a game that deserves to be played by anyone who loves Mortal Kombat.

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How to download and install UMKT

If you are interested in playing UMKT, you need to download and install it on your device first. Here are the requirements and sources for UMKT, as well as the steps to download and install it on different platforms.

The requirements and sources for UMKT

UMKT is a mod for MK3 that runs on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator. Therefore, you need to have a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator on your device first before you can play UMKT. There are many emulators available for different platforms, such as Windows PC (e.g., Kega Fusion), Android (e.g., MD.emu), iOS (e.g., Provenance), Mac (e.g., OpenEmu), Linux (e.g., Gens/GS), etc.

You also need to have a ROM file of MK3 on your device first before you can play UMKT. A ROM file is a digital copy of a game cartridge that can be played on an emulator. There are many sources where you can download ROM files of MK3 for different regions (e.g., USA/Europe/Japan), such as,,, etc.

Finally , you need to have a patch file of UMKT on your device first before you can play UMKT. A patch file is a file that modifies the original ROM file of MK3 to make it UMKT. There are two versions of the patch file for UMKT: the IPS version and the XDELTA version. The IPS version is smaller and easier to use, but it may not work on some emulators or ROM files. The XDELTA version is larger and more complicated to use, but it works on most emulators and ROM files. You can download the patch file of UMKT from the official website of Kabal_MK:

The steps to download and install UMKT on different platforms

The steps to download and install UMKT on different platforms may vary depending on the emulator, ROM file, and patch file you use. However, the general steps are as follows:

  • Download and install a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator on your device.

  • Download a ROM file of MK3 for your region on your device.

  • Download a patch file of UMKT (either IPS or XDELTA) on your device.

  • Use a patching tool (such as Lunar IPS or XDELTA GUI) to apply the patch file to the ROM file of MK3. This will create a new ROM file of UMKT on your device.

  • Launch the emulator and load the ROM file of UMKT. You should see the title screen of UMKT instead of MK3.

  • Enjoy playing UMKT!

The tips and tr


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