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How to Get Warpath on PC: A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Windows and Mac Users

How to Download Warpath on PC

Warpath is a thrilling modern military real-time strategy game that can be played on both PC and mobile devices for free. In this game, you can build an army from over 90 types of classic military units and fight alongside the greatest generals of the 20th century to strike back and save the day from the treacherous Raven army. You can also team up with other players from around the world and form alliances to conquer territories and defeat enemies. If you are a fan of strategy games and historical warfare, you will love Warpath.

Why Play Warpath on PC?

While Warpath is a great game to play on your phone or tablet, playing it on your PC can give you a lot of advantages. For example, you can enjoy better graphics, smoother performance, larger screen size, and more immersive sound effects. You can also use your keyboard and mouse to control your units and commands more easily and accurately. Moreover, you can avoid draining your battery or overheating your device by playing Warpath on your PC.

how to download warpath on pc


How to Download and Install Warpath on PC

Option 1: Using an Android Emulator

An Android emulator is a software that allows you to run Android apps on your PC. There are many Android emulators available online, but some of the most popular ones are BlueStacks and MEmu. To download and install Warpath on your PC using an Android emulator, you can follow these steps:

  • Download and install BlueStacks or MEmu on your PC from their official websites.

  • Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later.

  • Look for Warpath in the search bar at the top right corner.

  • Click to install Warpath from the search results.

  • Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Warpath.

  • Click the Warpath icon on the home screen to start playing.

Option 2: Using the Official Website

You can also download and install Warpath directly from the official website, To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to on your PC browser.

  • Click on the "Download" button at the top right corner.

  • Choose the "Windows" option and wait for the download to finish.

  • Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install Warpath on your PC.

  • Launch Warpath and enjoy the game.

How to Play Warpath on PC

Playing Warpath on your PC is not much different from playing it on your mobile device. You can use your mouse to drag and drop your units, zoom in and out, and select targets. You can also use your keyboard to access some shortcuts and hotkeys, such as:


W, A, S, DMove the camera

Q, ERotate the camera

RReset the camera

F1-F5Select a unit group

F6-F10Create a unit group

SpaceSelect all units

CCenter on selected unit

Z, XSwitch between unit modes

BOpen base menu

MOpen map menu

LOpen alliance menu

IOpen inventory menu

OOpen options menu

PPause the game

HShow/hide help menu

If you are using an Android emulator, you can also customize your keyboard and mouse settings according to your preferences. You can also use some advanced features, such as macros, multiple instances, sync, etc., to enhance your gaming experience. For more details, you can check the emulator's official website or user guide.


Warpath is a fun and exciting game that lets you experience the thrill of modern warfare and strategy. You can play it on your PC with better graphics, performance, and controls than on your mobile device. You can download and install Warpath on your PC using an Android emulator or the official website. You can also play Warpath on your PC with some tips and tricks, such as using hotkeys, macros, multiple instances, etc. If you are ready to join the war and save the world from the evil Raven army, download Warpath on your PC today and enjoy the game.


Is Warpath free to play?

Yes, Warpath is free to play on both PC and mobile devices. You can download and install it without paying anything. However, you can also make in-app purchases to get some extra items and benefits, such as gold, gems, VIP points, etc.

Is Warpath available for Mac?

Yes, Warpath can be played on Mac using an Android emulator or the official website. You can follow the same steps as for Windows PC to download and install Warpath on your Mac. However, you may need to adjust some settings or permissions to run the game smoothly.

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What are the system requirements for Warpath on PC?

The minimum system requirements for Warpath on PC are Windows 7 or higher, 4 GB of RAM, and 4 GB of disk space. However, for optimal performance and graphics quality, it is recommended to have Windows 10 or higher, 8 GB of RAM or more, and 8 GB of disk space or more.

How can I join an alliance in Warpath?

You can join an alliance in Warpath by tapping on the alliance icon at the bottom of the screen and choosing an alliance that suits your preferences. You can also create your own alliance if you have enough gold. Joining an alliance can give you many benefits, such as sharing resources, helping each other, chatting with other players, participating in alliance events, etc.

How can I get more resources in Warpath?

You can get more resources in Warpath by completing quests, participating in events, attacking enemies, occupying resource points, and using items. You can also buy some resources with gold or gems. The main resources in Warpath are oil, steel, and cash. You can use them to upgrade your base, train your units, research technologies, etc. You can also get some special resources, such as medals, badges, blueprints, etc., by completing certain tasks or achievements.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to download Warpath on PC and enjoy the game. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and happy gaming!


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